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Posted on December 17, 2018 by retrio

The Numbers Make Sense

The thought of paying for visitors to your site may not sit well with you, but the potential is well worth the cost. So get over it. PPC (pay per click) traffic converts 50% more sales than organic traffic, making the return on investment average 200%. Those are numbers any business would like.

Start Today, Traffic Tomorrow

If you are a startup or even an established business, you want attention. PPC will find clients that no other marketing platform can compete with by delivering traffic immediately to your site. With careful keyword selection and competitive analysis you can give your business a massive edge. Once your campaign is approved your ads will be on the top of Google Search, this is like getting a front page ad in your local newspaper. This is vital for success as 73% of marketers are intending to increase their ad spend in 2019, so keep up, or get left behind.

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Real Time Data

A great benefit of PPC is that it’s easy to track and measure its success. Performance details that include the number of clicks, impressions (the number of times the advert has displays on a web page) and the conversions to name a few of the metrics that are available to you. You can assess what works and what needs further tweaking to maximize the your ad spend, try that with print marketing.

A Place of Silence

Move and Shake When Needed

You have control over the specific keywords you choose to target, and easily make edits to under performing ads. The time to make a change and it becoming live is short, so the impact of poor performing keywords will have minimal effect to your budget, as long as you are checking many times throughout the day. This is a huge benefit to using Google Adwords, traditional marketing forces you to pay, leave it, and hope it’s correct.

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Boost Your Brand

PPC is a useful tool in brand enhancement. Market share in a competitive industry can be difficult to increase. Using Google Adwords can get you more attention even though you are smaller or have less market share then your competition. Targeting specific areas and using geo locations will ensure that you are in a top-ranking position for searches near you (36% of searches include local requests) will have an immediate impact on your search requests. Showing up all day, for every search, on the most specific keywords will be more beneficial then anything your have tried in the past. Your brand and sales have no choice but to grow with this much exposure.
PPC is a great way to fuel a significant increase in the impact your online presence makes on your business, and it’s a low risk. You can test it to see how you fare using it, and if it’s a success, you are in a great position to further explore PPC and use the data that you extrapolate from the metrics to inform your other SEO efforts. PPC can work in harmony with the other SEO techniques that you have already adopted; it is a reliable and profitable addition to your online marketing strategy.

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