Get Shit Done!

Posted on February 3, 2019 by retrio

There has been a ton of posts stating that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week…. Of course they all say, “Monday is best served to get back in the groove of the work week,” then by the end of the day you realize you actually accomplished nothing.  So naturally you wake up on Tuesday with a new motivation, create a to-do list, then feel like a stud (or studette) when you crossed off three items.

“Currently Instagram has more than BILLION ACTIVE USERS. That’s more than double the monthly active users of Twitter and over three times as many users on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.”

What about using your down time to actually be productive and get shit done?  Everyone takes their phones with them to the wash room nowadays. Show me a study of the increase of men that now sit down to take a leak…. I’m sure its Instagram has some mind blowing data on this.

You could literally use the tools on your phone to check on business related trends, competitive analysis, placement for keywords or god forbid you actually look and your Google Analytics or Social Media Insights. All in the sanctuary and peaceful confines of your hourly bathroom break.

Start implementing this tactic into you daily routine. You will cut back on browsing or online shopping and begin using these powerful tools (APPS) to leverage attention in your business.  You will feel a whole lot better about sitting on the thrown for 5 minutes and increasing the chance of varicose veins if it helps Cindy get more comments on her latest IG post.

So stop reading this and get your ass in the bathroom, you got work to todo.

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